Electronic music, evolved.


Tony Mixwell

(formerly known as Tony Pesci, Dj Doughboy)

Music is nothing new to Anthony Nieri aka TonyMixwell. His electricity and Creativity as a DJ can easily be attributed to his background and experience playing a variety of different instruments at a young age. A heavy interest in different sounds and an ever developing style along with a passion to perform created a true specimen as a DJ. TonyMixwell, now 10 years in the making, has showcased his talent up and down the California Coast playing at a variety of different events, clubs, and shows. Most know him as Doughboy aka Tony Pesci.

Anthony was heavily influenced by Techno pioneer, Eric Lee aka DJ Liquid, along with Kevin Kind, two of the San Francisco Bay Area's most talented and respected DJ's. Tony began his career in the Underground rave scene in San Francisco playing events all over the Bay Area and transitioned toward the club scene soon after.

Experience along with support from Liquid and Kind, Tony became a part of Journees Music, founded by Eric Lee and became the youngest member of the Bay Area's infamous Ghostribe Krew, founded by DJ Ghost and Frank Nitty. Members also include Kevin Kind, Kwashi, St. John, Hex aka Rckstar Scotty and Doughboy.

Recently TonyMixwell has taken his talent to LA where he is exploring new opportunities while developing his sound as a DJ. Anthony has been focusing on production and remixing Rock, hip hop, house, and Breaks. Eric, DJ Liquid, Lee worked with Tony @ Journees studio, showing him the ropes. He is currently working with Hip Hop Producer Abraham Gomez, one of LA's best kept secrets. Gomez's West Coast Hip-Hop influenced style along with the diverse electronic DJ element of Mixwell have come together, developing tracks that range from Breaks and Funk to Hip Hop and House.

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Tony has played at Events alongside world renown and local talent such as Josh tha Funky 1, Paul Van Dyke, John Digweed, DJ Liquid, Peace Division, DJ Dan, Kevin Kind, DJ Irene, DJ Colette, John '00' Flemming,'Erik Morillo, Miss Lisa, Jeno, DJ Ghost, Frank Nitty, Hex, Denise, Forrest Green, Joey Mazzola, Jay Walker, St. John, Thee-o, Dyloot, Tom Slik, Madame Mercury, Dmitri, Natalie Love, Ajay aka Jaxx the Ripper, David Garcia, James Dub, Tronic, Reckless Ryan, DJ Flave aka the funkist, Nigel Richards, Hippe and Halo.



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