Electronic music, evolved.



Genre: Psybreaks/jungle

Affiliations: Global Psybreaks, Bak-Pak, Audiognomes, Psyentific, Tundra Punks

Home: MPLS

Skroller created Global Psybreaks in late 2009 to bring the sound of psychedelic breakbeat music to people all over the planet and unite artists, record labels, and fans via the blog and discussion forum. Artist profiles, interviews, free downloads, and remix contests fuel the site and the expanding network of psybreaks artists and lovers around the globe.
Skroller has been involved in the electronic music industry since 1999 as a DJ and event promoter. As a DJ he spent 10 years mixing jungle records and eventually began experimenting with breakbeats that were even more extreme. After being introduced to psytrance events, he began searching for a breakbeat adaptation of the goa and psytrance that was so popular. At the time there was a small amount of discussion on the nearly exanimate Tribe.com network, which had very little activity and was rarely updated.
Skroller decided to take action and aggressively promote the psybreaks sound by creating a new venue for discussion and music exchange. He began by digging through the world wide web to find and share everything psybreaks via the blog. Soon other fans of the genre began sharing their knowledge in the Global Psybreaks forum which caught the attention of some of the contributors of the old Tribe group.

Thanks to Global Psybreaks, Facebook, and music sharing sites such as Soundcloud.com, the psybreaks genre is experiencing a long-awaited turn in the spotlight. Recently the netlabel Ektoplazm, the world’s largest distributor of free psytrance music, added psybreaks as a fully-fledged genre due to Skroller's relentless promotion and insistence that it provides limitless new techniques in audio/mental manipulation and experimentation.



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