GUNJACK (Santiago, Chile)

NOTE: Gunjack will be on your with Gayle San this summer!

Eccentric, nomadic, these are some of the more interesting terms used to describe Brian Gibbs AKA Gunjack. One Canadian DJ spat: "Fuck him and his gypsy ways". Whatever your experience with the prolific and mysterious GUNJACK, music speaks for itself and his speaks volumes on life experience. Ben Sims calls him "Savage... A techno monster", A Guy Called Gerald called Gibbs "The future of techno" back in 1996! Warp records golden boy Flying Lotus says: "I love his music" and ex Napalm Death Drummer Mick Harris AKA Scorn calls the music of Gunjack "Fucking punk". The more than a hundred vinyl releases in Gibbs' back catalog are well sought after within savvy circles and have been republished on compilations like I LOVE TECHNO and MAYDAY. Currently Gunjack is focusing on what he calls a "hybrid" sound, or "mongrel music" that straddles the line between off beat techno, dubstep and undefinable music that just is what it is and makes no apologies. Look out for the music of Gunjack and company on his own CONSUME imprint, along with partners Pure Filth Audio and many other fine electronic music labels. Stay tuned to this page for further info!