CHIP WATKINS/ DJWHO (International Haus Gigolo’s, Journees Music)

Hailing from Baltimore, MD and playing every major venue throughout the world; DJ Who has been a producer turned DJ favorite since 1993. With his release “Attack of the Deep Dark Dubs” charting #1 via Mixmag UK, it wasn’t long before DJ Who found himself at international status. Known for leaving a dance floor shouting and screaming for more, DJ Who takes pride in creating sets that not only set the tone and raise the bar but become a memorable experience each and every time. With his infusion of tribal house and progressive breaks to deep dubs and tech; DJ Who has been quoted as saying “If they could light the middle of the dance floor on fire, I’d be all for it.”

With strong support from such artist as The Chemical Brothers, Vicious Vic, DJ Liquid and a slew of other respected names; it was with no surprise to find praise amongst his sophomore release of “Attack II” as well as the invite to join The Chemical Brothers on tour. With his countless releases and on going touring, DJ Who is still one of the most respected names in the EDM scene and is still playing to packed crowds across the US as well as across the globe.

The Projects:

DJ WHO - Pump the Method / I Like it - Kaleidoscope Music

Whoda Whodia (DJ WHO & Huda Hudia) - Whoda Funk - Dorigen Music U.K

DJ WHO feat. Tanisha - Rhythm - Shaken Not Stirred Records

DJ WHO & The Bass Bin Twins - Shaken Not Stirred Records

DJ WHO - Darker / Feel the Bass - Kaleidoscope Music

DJ WHO feat. Ms. Silver - Lets get Deep - SNS Records

DJ WHO - Crusher / Shamans Drum - SNS Records

DJ WHO - Top of the Pops e.p. - Shaken not Stirred Records

DJ WHO - East coast Knowledge e.p. - Shaken not Stirred Records

DJ WHO & Onionz - Unlock Your Heart - Electric Soul Records

DJ WHO - Level Three e.p. - Defective Records

DJ WHO & Dave Trance - Moniker X e.p. - Shaken not Stirred Records

DJ WHO - Tonic Sampler e.p. - Tonic Music

DJ WHO Vs. Gargoyle - House Rhythms - Gargoyle Records

DJ WHO - Attack Two e.p. - Defective Records

DJ WHO - Attack of the deep Dark Dubs - Defective Records

Gus Gus - Polyesterday (DJ WHO Remixes) - 4AD / SNS Records

Echosphere - Echosphere (DJ WHO Remix) - Journees Music

Jimmies Chicken Shack - High (DJ WHO Remix) - Rocket / American Records

Pretty Poison - Catch Me I'm Falling (DJWHO & Leni K Remix) - Eudora Records

Devone' - Energy (DJ WHO Mix) - Aqua Boogie / Mercury Records

O.V.A. - Sublimation (DJ Who Remixes) - SNS Records / Funked Up Music

Lake Trout - On My Way to Work (DJ WHO Mix) - SNS Records

All Might Senators - Sweat (DJ WHO Remix) - Tonic Records

Friction and Spice - The Rhythm (DJ WHO Remix) - Cosmic Records

Jason Brown - Love and Fantasy (DJ WHO Remix) - KRAM Records

Dave Trance - Promise Me (DJ WHO Remix) - Psychoactive Records

Molecule - Labels (DJWHO & Lovegrove Remix) - Sonic Soul Records

Q&K Session - Out There (DJ WHO & NeoVerse Mix) - Funked Up Music

Domingo Brothers - Early Morning (DJ WHO Mix) - db Records

Yakuza - Busted (DJ WHO Mix) - Journees Music