In the world of electronic music today there are few artists who seem to strive to raise the bar of production and the creation of truly original musical compositions. It is a world of recycled beats and samples in an endless stream of compositions that are anything but original. In this world of cookie-cutter style music production there are few artists who break boundaries and set new standards for the industry and one of the artists who do so would most definitely be Burufunk.

Although Burufunk's style is one that is hard to categorize the best definition could be progressive, with a world of intricate abstract soundscapes that are almost otherworldly. Through a use of harmonious melodies and earth shaking beats Burufunk creates a unique style and sound that cannot be matched.

In early 1993 and when the scene was young it was influences such as Josh Wink, Doc Martin and even DJ Icey as well as other that led the way for this scene changing producer. By 1996 Curtis Fallis soon began learning the ways of such programs like Cakewalk and Rebirth. Progressing further with such programs as Ensoniq ASR-X sampler, Roland JP-8000, & Roland VS-880 hard disc recorder soon starting taking shape into what became the sound of Burufunk.

Early 1997- he wrote "Freedom" and submitted it to Streetbeat Records. It was accepted for the Electro Avengers vol. 2 compilation cd and his first commercial release was born. It wasn’t long before he found himself remixing for such producers as BT, Sasha, Taylor, Goldscan, Lee Combs and many others but always it was his unique sound that kept the crowds wanting more and the promoters asking him back.

Burufunk has managed to perfect his art and build a live performance as energetic and creative as the sound he brings with him. From his on the fly sound manipulation, to his custom crafted mixes, he seamlessly crafts his exclusive sets right from the minds of his audience. He has played amongst the biggest names in the industry on the most extravagant stages in the world, including the Ultra Music Festival and Winter Music Conference in Miami.

With much deserved time off Burufunk has joined the Journees Music and Subculture Agency family. Doing what he does best, 2010 is showing to be his best year yet and with a series of new releases and a tour under way there is nothing that stands in the way of this self-made producer and the road ahead is only getting stronger as well as brighter




•    Freedom (12) Kloud 9 Music 1998
•    Freedom Jazzy DNB Remix Kloud 9 Music1998
•    Elektro Mindstepping Kloud 9 Music 1998
•    Skylight (12) Insomniac 1999
•    Stateside (12) Insomniac 1999
•    Elektronique (12) Insomniac 1999
•    The Dream Experience (12) Napzzz 2000
•    Welcome to the Real World (12) Insomniac 2000
•    Midnight Run (12) Low Phat Recordings 2003
•    Above and Beyond (12) Freakaboom 2003
•    Outsider (12) Navigation Records 2003
•    2 Lives (12) Troubadour Records 2004
•    Outsider (remixes) (12) Navigation Records 2004
•    Burn out of Control (Shiznit Recordings) 2007
•    Serenity (Undermine Records) 2007
•    Feel The Weight (Shiznit Recordings) 2007
•    Community Funk (Shiznit Recordings) 2007
•    Yummy Grits (Shiznit Recordings) 2008
•    Supercharger (Journees Music) 2010
•    Intercontinental (Shiznit Recordings) 2010
•    Better Than Nothing (Shiznit Recordings) 2011


•    Shadow-Disc 2 of 2 (12) Infinity - Funk Wax
•    Bring Your Luv Remixes (12) Merlyn - Dreamscape Records 1999
•    Your Luv (CD5) Merlyn - StreetBeat Records 2001
•    Do It (12) Bass Mekanik - Pandisc 2001
•    Clear (12) Ashland - Audio Therapy 2003
•    Of Our Times (12) Golden Scan - Lost Language 2003
•    Somnambulist (2x12) BT - Nettwerk America 2003
•    Wavy Gravy (Bootleg) Sasha 2004
•    Back to Babylon (12) Steve Gerrard - Electrofly 2004
•    Talk Like A Stranger (2x 12) Deepsky - Yo! 2004
•    Xenophobe (12) Taylor - Fluid Sessions 2004
•    Lights Go Out (12) Trona - Godsend Music 2005
•    Break on Through (iTunes) The Doors/BT vs. Burufunk 2005
•    Show Me Love (CD 5) The Silence - The Wideband Network - A Different Drum 2005
•    Twisted Dream (12) PhaseBase - O Recordings 2005
•    Bass Blaster (12) Backdraft - Low Phat Recordings 2006
•    A Thousand Miles (Beatport) Libra Rising-Summer Channel 2006
•    Hey Baby (12) Freshmau5 - Play Records 2007
•    Goodbye (Beatport) Nynex and Trent Cantrell 2007
•    Adaptation (Beatport) Channel Surfer 2007
•    Nemesis featuring Shriekback (Beatport) Libra Rising-J Scott G 2008
•    Don’t Remember (Beatport) System Recordings-Trona vs The Protection 2009
•    Detox (Beatport) Lot 49-Lee Coombs 2010
•    Broken (Beatport) 2R Recordings-Raydar and Shaolin 2010
•    Passionate Season (Beatport) Technocolor Sound Recordings-Jon Drako and Kriya 2010


•    Boomtronics Sampler 1 (12) Above & Beyond Freakaboom
•    Electro Avengers Volume 2 (CD) Freedom StreetBeat Records 1998
•    Moving Through Time (CD) The Dream Exp. StreetBeat Records 2000
•    Atmospheric Vol. 2.0 (CD) Skylight StreetBeat Records 2001
•    Boomtronics (2 x CD) Above & Beyond Freakaboom 2002
•    Todd-Solid State (CD) Welcome to the Real World The Right Stuff 2002
•    Global Underground 024-Nick Warren-Reykjavik (2 x CD) Outsider Boxed 2003
•    Global Underground 024-Nick Warren-Reykjavik (Limited Edition) (3 x CD) Outsider Boxed 2003
•    Mixed Live, Club Ra-Las Vegas (CD) Freedom Moonshine Music 2003
•    Music is Music (CD) Midnight Run (Merlyn Mix) Low Phat Recordings 2003
•    Thinking Out Loud (2 x CD) Outsider (Perry Sander) Nascent Recordings 2004